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    Post by ☠ Zeref ☠ on Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:41 am

    Rank rules

    Once you Enter the One Piece RPG you will be getting the 1st rank automatically you will have to complete missions to advance to the next rank. Once the needed missions for you to rank up have been completed you must contact one of the following Zeref or Jinbei and you must inform them that the number of missions for that rank have been completed and you would like for a special mission/s.

    • Rank 1=> Rank 2= 2 missions completed
      Rank 2=> Rank 3= 4 missions completed +
      Rank 5=> Rank 6= 15 missions completed + 3 extra special missions
      Rank 4=> Rank 5= 10 missions completed + 2 extra special mission
      Rank 3=> Rank 4= 6 missions completed + 1 special mission
      Rank 2=> Rank 3= 3 missions completed
      Rank 1=> Rank 2= 0 missions completed

    Depending on your rank will decide on what level techniques you can use, this is shown below.

    Rank 5 - Can use up to S rank - Can claim a title.
    Rank 4 - Can use up to A rank - Can learn to use haki/Can have a mythical Zoan devil fruit
    Rank 3 - Can use up to B rank - Can have a Logia Devil fruit
    Rank 2 - Can use up to C rank - Can have a Paremecia Devil fruit
    Rank 1 - Can use up to D rank - Can have a Zoan Devil fruit

    Bellow are the relative kind of damage for each rank attack:

    D rank - 00-05 Damage - Lose no health
    C rank - 05-10 Damage - Lose 00-05 health
    B rank - 10-15 Damage - Lose 05-10 health
    A rank - 15-20 Damage - Lose 10-15 health
    S rank - 20-25 Damage - Lose 15-20 health

    You lose health respectively due to the effort it takes to perform attacks, this way you have a chance of beating a logia user.

    That means you must complete a total of 15 missions and 6 special missions.

    Despite Bounties only count, in all reality, to Pirates and Revolutionaries, in this RPG, every class we’ll be given a bounty, which will serve to evaluate one’s power and threat level towards other members. Starting from 0, you’ll work your way up to 200,000, following this ranking system. Each Rank as a minimum amount of Bounty, and a maximum amount of Bounty. If you manage to rank up, as described above, your bounty will get an automatic boost. If you reach the maximum amount of bounty one rank allows, anything else you do will not count towards your bounty.

    There are 3 ways to get higher bounties:


    In addition to the other prizes, each mission will offer certain bounties, which will be added to your Bounty upon succeeding the mission. The more difficult the mission, the higher the raise. It is a good idea to request and accomplish many missions, not only the necessary amount

    2-Battling other members

    Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter many other members, from your class or not, and you might want to engage in battle with them. Defeating another member means that you, for some reason, are stronger than him (Either because you’re actually stronger, or simply smarter, either way you defeated him), and thus your bounty should raise. If your opponent has an higher bounty than you, then you’ll be given an equal bounty:

    Ex: Pirate A, 3,000 beli, defeats Pirate B, 6,000 beli. 6,000-3,000=3,000 thus Pirate A receives a 3,000 raise.
    If you defeat a person with a rank lower than your own, you’ll receive a raise based on this table:

    Same Rank, Lesser bounty - + 2,000
    1 Rank Lower - + 1,000
    2 Ranks Lower - + 500
    3 Ranks Lower - + 200
    Less than 4 Ranks Lower - No Raise

    Note: If, by any chance, you manage to defeat a person 2-3 ranks above yours, report to a Mod to judge the battle, to check for any irregularities.

    3. Special Events

    If you manage to succeed on a random event hosted by our RPG, you may be able to win bounty bonuses, alongside with other prizes, so be on a lookout for those.

    Special thanks to Jinbei

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