[Arrancar Bio] Dante..

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    [Arrancar Bio] Dante..

    Post by Dante.. on Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:02 am

    Basic Information
    Name: Dante
    Nickname: Devil Hunter
    Age: unknown

    Dante has white hair, brushed down back and red eyes.
    As for clothing, Dante wears the arrancar uniform personalized with shades of Red, and wears fingerless gloves.Wearing a long red coat with 2 tails.

    Personality: Dante is incredibly flippant, mouthing off to even the most powerful of opponents, and he generally enjoys rubbing people the wrong way.Dante rarely shows any seriousness. He can be serious when the situation calls for it, but he still maintains a fairly laid-back demeanor during such situations and is never without a witty taunt or comeback.

    Special Info:

    Powers & Abilities
    Rank: Arrancar
    Espada Rank (If Espada):
    Zanpakutou Name: Rebellion
    Zanpakutou Release Command: Dante holds his blade and whispers "Destruir"

    Zanpakutou Description:

    Resurreccions Description:
    At first Dante's Hands and legs are consumed with a Red aura and looks as if the have a steel cover over them. During the 1st stage Dante has his Zanpakutou but keeps it in its sheathe

    in his second release Dante's body is consumed with a dark red aura and Dantes mask covers his whole face, Rebellion becomes blood shot red and increases in size.
    Resurreccions Special Abilities:
    in the first state his speed and strength increases and he gains the ability to charge a cero in his fist and release it during a punch or kick. Also his Pistols can shoot out Ceros in this state.

    in his second release his speed and strength increase again and he can use Rebellion for Cero infused slashes and strikes.
    Background Info.
    Dante was once a strong warrior from a special clan which could see hollows and shinigami, but unlike the quincy, Dante's clan didnt dedicate there lifes to destroy hollows, but instead they investigated them due to there power's being similar and so many times the clan members ended up helping hollows.
    Dante had died when he was attacked by a team of Shinigami although taking out most of them, eventually he fell. Dante turned into a Hollow but kept his memory and quickly turn into an Arrancar.


    Resurrecion Picture:
    2nd stage resurrection

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    Re: [Arrancar Bio] Dante..

    Post by Minato on Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:21 pm

    submit the zanpakuto in the custom submission thread before placing it in your bio, expand the history a bit, as it looks a little lacklustre, also, no second release unless espada rank

    only stark is allowed pistols

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