Restricted Biographies


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    Restricted Biographies

    Post by Minato on Wed Feb 09, 2011 8:12 am

    Bio Test

    The following characters require a battle test just to use them in their simplest forms:

    - Goku
    - 7 shadow dragons
    - Buu
    - Baby
    - Vegeta
    - Vegeto
    - Super 17
    - Cell
    - General Rilldo
    - Metal cooler
    - Adult/Mystic gohan
    - Hildegarn
    - Janemba
    - Majuub
    - Bojack
    - Brolly
    - Android 13/14/14

    Banned bios:

    - King Yemma
    - Shenron
    - Porunga
    - Puar
    - Babidi
    - Baba
    - Vegeto

    Also any custom bios may be test depending on the abilities

    Shadow Dragons

    Shadow Dragons (影龍; Kage Ryuu) are the evil beings created by the overuse of the Dragon Balls over the series and are the final antagonists of the Dragon Ball series. The fight against the Shadow Dragons makes up the events of the Shadow Dragon Saga. The battle against the evil dragons can be considered the closing segment of the series (finding the Dragon Balls was the beginning) that teaches the Earth to stop relying on the Dragon Balls to solve their problems and can be seen as a metaphor for where the Dragon Balls finally turn against the Z Fighters. The Shadow Dragons are (in order of appearance): Black Smoke Shenron, Haze Shenron, Rage Shenron, Oceanus Shenron, Naturon Shenron, Nuova Shenron, Eis Shenron and Syn Shenron, who becomes Omega Shenron after absorbing the other 6 Shadow Dragons' Dragon Balls. They are eventually all defeated by Goku, except Nouva Shenron, who was killed by Omega Shenron. Of the seven, only Nuova, Eis and Syn Shenron have martial arts skills which pose a serious challenge to Goku. Nuova Shenron is believed to have the least negative energy of the Shadow Dragons, due to his morals and the wish that creates him. While most of the other dragons were made by very selfless wishes (or in the case of Oolong's underwear wish, which created Oceanus, a wish in the gray area), Nuova is created by a very selfish wish made by King Piccolo, who wishes for his youth and power to be restored.

    - The shadow dragons are like the bijuu of the naruto rp and only one can exist at a time.
    - The person who passes the test for each dragon makes the dragon techniques for them.
    - Each dragon is as strong as the transformations that it took for them to be beaten.
    - If the dragon you want is take, you must kill the persons bio who has that dragon.
    - No custom dragons can be made.

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