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    Roleplay Rules

    Post by Minato on Wed Feb 09, 2011 8:14 am

    DBZ RP Rules

    Each member may have up to 2 bios, which must follow the restrictions.
    -Only one bio can be a saiyan or special character.

    -All cannon techniques must be taught by a reconised sensei.
    In battle bio stealing is not allowed

    -Each bio has 3 lives, once the bio has died 3 times, it cant be replaced or used for 1 month.

    -All attacks must be blocked in a realistic manner, if its a kamehameha, it must be blocked with an official technique of the same rank or higher, and not just say "i moved out the way". Though if your jutsu is a jutsu that allows you to move fast enough out of the way, thats ok.
    Only 2 instant transmissions per battle.

    -The flash step technique is only allowed to be used 3 times.
    Power levels are based on your rank, so if your nb rank is kage, your power level will be higher than a member whos rank is genin. Though your power levels will increase with transformations.

    -Only 2 techniques of S rank or higher can be used per turn in battle, due to limitted power levels. So if you do 2 S rank, you cant perform a forbidden rank technique

    -Agrueing in battle is banned.

    -Custom techniques can be submitted in the custom technique thread and will be checked by Scarface and The dark king.

    -The energy rules and damage are guide lines, to help keep the rp realistic
    transformations will increase the rank of your techniques accordingly.

    -All transformations require tests

    Technique ranks

    E rank - Can be used as much as you like
    D rank - Can be used as much as you like
    C rank - Can be used as much as you like
    B rank - 6 B rank techniques per battle
    A rank - 4 A rank techniques per battle
    S rank - Only 2 S rank techniques per battle
    Forbidden - 1 forbidden rank technique per battle that drains your energy.

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