Battle Rules


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    Battle Rules

    Post by Minato on Thu Feb 10, 2011 4:02 am


    - You may only use two techniques per turn ( kido, zanpakuto, ressurection etc..)

    - there is a limit to how many times you can use techniques of each rank
    low = unlimited uses
    medium = 12 uses
    high = 8 uses
    very high = 4 uses
    forbidden = 2 uses

    - All techniques will be taught by the captains/ their lieutenants for the shinigami or the Espada or their chief fraccion for the arrancar

    - you may only use one zanpakuto per bio ( you are allowed 2 bios)

    - only one bio may be a cannon character and your other must be custom

    - Only one of each cannon bio may be created, to gain ownership of a taken bio, you must kill the current owner in a fair fight that will then be judged by both me and Akiza.

    - You may not posses a shinigami and an arrancar bio, though you may posses a bio of their allies, for example, an arrancar may also posses a bount bio and a shinigami may also have a quincy bio

    - Vaizards may choose to whom they ally themselves.

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