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    Ulquiorra Cifer

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    Basic Information
    Name: Ulquiorra Cifer
    Nickname: quatro espada
    Gender: Male
    Age: unknown

    Looks: see pictures

    Personality: Ulquiorra is a very cold, callous, dispassionate figure, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent, willing to harm both his comrades and enemies should they ever get in his way. He refers to anyone he does not find interesting as "trash" and treats them as expendable. Despite this, like most of the other top Espada, he is not particularly violent and will only fight when provoked or ordered to by Aizen.

    Special Info:

    Powers & Abilities
    Espada Rank (If Espada): Cero Espada
    Zanpakutou Name: Murciélago
    Zanpakutou Release Command: Enclose

    Zanpakutou Description:

    Resurreccions Description:
    Murciélago unleashes a black (with green outline) burst of spiritual energy that falls around Ulquiorra as green rain. In his released state, Ulquiorra becomes bat-like in appearance. While in this form he gains large black bat wings on his back, his hair becomes longer and wilder, and the remains of his Hollow mask centers atop his head, with two large horns extending outward to the sides towards the front. The lines on his face become black, broader and more triangular and his fingernails lengthen. His Arrancar attire becomes more form fitting and closed at the top, becoming more like a robe towards the bottom. In this form, he can use his wings for flight.

    Resurrección: Segunda Etapa.

    Ulquiorra refers to his second state as "True Despair", both before and after its release, because the immensely dense spiritual pressure it releases instills despair upon those around him. While he retains his black wings, his long white coat is gone, revealing a more defined musculature with his chest bare and Hollow hole (which has become larger) dripping black, blood-like liquid. His waist becomes covered in something similar to black fur, which also covers his arms and legs. His fingers grow claw-like extensions and his feet become like talons. The irises of his eyes turn yellow while the sclera becomes green. The tear-like marks under his eyes increase in size and turn black. Ulquiorra's mask remains turn into two long horns, and the #4 Espada tattoo is no longer visible on his chest.[96] He grows a very long and thin but powerful tail which is capable of being used as a weapon or to lift and strangle a victim

    Resurreccions Special Abilities:
    He gains even greater physical abilities in this form. Ulquiorra also has the unique ability to enter a second released form, called Resurrección Segunda Etapa.
    Javelin Generation: He is shown to have the ability to generate green energy javelins.he uses them as ranged weapons throwing them at an opponent and as a melee weapon.
    Enhanced Speed: His speed is greatly enhanced, able to move great distances in an instant as if to displace himself, and able to push Ichigo to the point that even his Hollow mask-enhanced Bankai has difficulty keeping up.

    Enhanced Hierro: His Hierro has also vastly increased in strength to the point where a Getsuga Tenshō with Ichigo's mask activated has no effect at all.

    Enhanced Spiritual Power: Though already possessing immense spiritual power once released his black, green outlined spiritual energy permeates the area, it is intense enough to create a profound effect on others as well as to cause what appears as green rain to fall in the surrounding area when he releases.

    Resurrección: Segunda Etapa.
    Overwhelming Spiritual Power: Ulquiorra's already-immense spiritual power is significantly increased furthermore upon entering his second stage. Even being within the vicinity of his release instills despair on those who can sense it. Uryū Ishida, a Quincy who is an expert at sensing reiatsu, noted that the density of Ulquiorra's spiritual power was so vast that it could hardly be identified as reiatsu. "It's like no spiritual energy I've ever felt before...It's not just bigger or stronger. It's too dense and heavy to even be called spiritual energy. It feels like there's an ocean above the sky..."

    Lanza del Relámpago (雷霆の槍 (ランサ・デル・レランパーゴ), ransa deru reranpāgo; Spanish for "Lance of the Lightning", Japanese for "Lance of Thunder and Lightning"): Ulquiorra creates a javelin-like weapon using his spiritual power. It is quite like his original energy javelins, with the only, if quite noticeable, difference being the energies flowing off of each end in a fashion similar to flames, making it look more arrow-shaped. He can use this weapon as a projectile or as a physical weapon. When thrown, it produces an incredibly-destructive explosion on impact, which dwarfs the fortress of Las Noches in height. Ulquiorra prefers to not use the attack at close range, most likely because the resulting blast would damage himself as well as Las Noches.

    Rank: Med - Very high
    Description: Ulquiorra retained his ability to instanly regenerate upon becoming an arrancar, something all the others gave up in exchange for greater physical power, he may use this ability to heal injuries instantly, the rank used corresponds to the rank of technique used on him, though forbidden rank techniques would deal too much damage to his interal organs to regenerate, therefore he can not recover from it.

    Primary Rebirth:

    Reiatsu Javelin
    Rank: Low - High
    Description: In his initial rebirth, ulquiorra can create lances made of his spiritual energy, he can use then like a sword ( high rank tech, remains until it is shattered ) or can throw then ( single javelin is a Low rank tech, 2-3 is med, 4-5 is high)

    Secondary Release:

    Lance of lightning
    Rank: High - Forbidden
    Decription: This is a more powerful version of the reiatsu javelin tecnique. He may wield it as a blade throughout the fight ( very high technique )
    throw one javelin (high) 2-3 (very high) 4-5 (forbidden)

    Background Info.

    Ulquiorra is first seen alongside Yammy Llargo when they arrive in Karakura Town to gain information on Ichigo Kurosaki.[6] Yammy comments on his lack of enthusiasm being in the human world, which prompts Ulquiorra to mention that he insisted on coming with him so he shouldn't complain. Yammy apologizes and becomes uneasy that people are starting to gather at the sight they arrived, feeling that they are staring at him. Yammy states he will eat now and uses his Gonzui ability, only to find, much to his displeasure, that the souls are foul tasting. Ulquiorra asks him why he expected such weak souls to taste good and explains to his fellow Arrancar that the humans can't see them, so therefore they couldn't have been staring at him. Yammy admits that he knew before asking who they came to kill. Ulquiorra mentions that they have only come to kill one being and the others can be left alone. When Yammy admits that such a task would be hard. Ulquiorra details that there are currently only three beings of note with any spiritual strength. Upon the arrival of Chad and Orihime Inoue a altercation occurs, resulting in Chad becoming fatally injured.[7] Ulquiorra watches as Yammy attempts to dispatch Orihime, only to be stopped by her Santen Kesshun technique. Then, Yammy notices her Sōten Kisshun technique being used on Chad and questions if she is healing him. Upon noticing this himself Ulquiorra realizes that it is not healing, as it looks more like time reversal or spatial renewal but nothing as simple as healing, making note that he has never seen such a technique before. He then mentions that Orihime is a quite strange for a human. When she tries to attack using her Koten Zanshun technique Yammy easily stops it, much to her dismay. Yammy then asks what should be done with her with Ulquiorra telling him to simply kill her, but he is quickly stopped by the timely arrival of Ichigo
    Somewhat confused, Yammy asks Ulquiorra if this is the target they were meant to find. Ulquiorra confirms that he is and applauds Yammy's lack of subtlety as the reason Ichigo became aware of their presence so fast. He then witnesses with feigned surprise as Ichigo effortlessly blocks Yammy's attack and then cuts off the Arrancar's left arm. As Ulquiorra watches the fight between Ichigo and Yammy, he makes note to himself about Yammy's lack of refinement in battle, as he constantly recklessly charges into battle against Ulquiorra's instruction to learn to read his opponents. Though he readily admits that he is surprised that Ichigo was able to cut through Yammy's Hierro and though he has heard that Ichigo has only just recently attained Bankai, he is taken aback that his reiatsu is so solid. However, he reasons to himself that at his current level Ichigo is no threat to Aizen. After Ichigo soundly beats Yammy, Ulquiorra comments that he is struggling and asks if he wants to switch. Yammy tells him to shut up and proceeds to take out his Zanpakutō, causing Ulquiorra to question whether it is actually necessary to use it against Ichigo
    Ulquiorra watches as Yammy attacks a distracted Ichigo until he is saved by the arrival of Kisuke Urahara and Yoruichi Shihōin. After Yammy is effortlessly beaten by Yoruichi and begins to battle Urahara, who fires a blast at Yammy, Ulquiorra steps in and deflects the blast away from them. He then impales Yammy in the stomach with his hand, scolding him for being so reckless and asking who the two he faced are. He mentions that at Yammy's current level he will not win no matter how much he tries. Ulquiorra then opens a Garganta and tells Yammy that it is time for them to retreat. When Yoruichi questions if they are running away, Ulquiorra plainly tells her that she is foolish to make such a taunt, making note that, if the two of them tried to fight him while protecting the others, it is obvious who would emerge the winner. Ulquiorra then states that his mission is over and that he will report to Aizen that the 'fake' Shinigami he was interested in is nothing more than a piece of trash
    Shortly after leaving, Ulquiorra and Yammy arrive back in Hueco Mundo and are greeted by Sōsuke Aizen and an assembly of Arrancar in order to share their findings from the mission to the Human world.[11] Ulquiorra removes his left eye and crushes it, causing it to turn into dust and asks that they all look carefully as it swirls around them, showing them an account of what took place on his mission from his point of view. As Aizen sees for himself, he begins to understand why Ulquiorra chose not to kill Ichigo. As Ulquiorra begins to explain his reasoning, he is interrupted by Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, who questions his choice to allow Ichigo and his friends live as, regardless of their threat level, they are their enemies. Grimmjow begins to taunt Yammy, but Ulquiorra steps in and ends the building altercation. He then explains that the problem is not Ichigo, as what Aizen is observing is not Ichigo in his current state but his growth rate. Although it is true that his growth rate is quite high, it is disproportionately unstable because it is so immense. He then states that, if they were to just leave him alone, he would eventually destroy himself or become one of their pawns. Grimmjow finds the argument pointless as Ulquiorra could be wrong and he might get powerful enough to get in their way, but Ulquiorra brushes it aside, stating that, if it came to that, he would finish him off himself. Despite the argument, Aizen congratulates Ulquiorra on his work in completing the mission
    A month later Ulquiorra arrives just as Yammy's arm is being reattached. He comments that it was a good idea to bring Yammy's severed arm back though the other Arrancar complains that it will rot as it will take far too long to heal. Yammy then states that it would be nice if their bodies healed on their own like Ulquiorra's eyeballs do. Ulquiorra comments that he should just be happy they could reattach it, as, if his arm was completely destroyed like Grimmjow's was, he would have been kicked out of the Espada as well. Yammy agrees and, after his arm is fixed, they depart as Ulquiorra tells him that Aizen has summoned them.[13] They show up just in time to join several other Espada (including Grimmjow's replacement Luppi Antenor) at the creation of an Arrancar. Ulquiorra asks Aizen what the status of the Hōgyoku is, to which Aizen comments that it is on schedule as far as Soul Society is concerned. He then explains how he is capable of using it at full power, resulting in the creation of Wonderweiss Margela. Aizen then asks Ulquiorra if he remembers the directive he gave him last month. The latter acknowledges that he does, with Aizen placing his full confidence in him to do what he deems necessary to carry out the mission, including allowing him to take whomever he chooses though he insists Grimmjow go along as well.
    Ulquiorra then sends Yammy, Wonderweiss, Luppi and Grimmjow to Karakura Town to act as a distraction to the Shinigami while he goes to capture Orihime. As she travels through the waste dimension from Soul Society to the Human world, she is accompanied by two Shinigami. She is startled at the arrival of Ulquiorra via Garganta, who questions Soul Society's use of only two escorts.[15] Though he states that only two guards aren't to his liking, he says that the fact that walls in the waste dimension have been stabilized is just fine by him as it is not his style to rush a conversation. Before anyone can react, he fatally injures one of the escorts with a Bala blast, which prompts Orihime to use her Sōten Kisshun technique to heal him. Before the other escort can get away, however, he is fatally injured as well by another Bala blast. Orihime widens her field of healing to encompass both injured men. Ulquiorra is amazed at the level of her power and tells her to come with him and not to speak as her answer will have to be yes, for if she says anything else he will kill her. However, he spares her as he reasons that he will kill her friends anyway. He then shows her friends engaged in their own fights elsewhere. Ulquiorra continues explaining that she is not to speak or ask questions as she has no rights; they are not negotiating and it is entirely up to her if her friends die. He then explains that Aizen desires her power and he is under orders to bring her back unharmed
    Ulquiorra arrives just in time in the battle between Ichigo Kurosaki and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez to stop Grimmjow from releasing his Zanpakutō. He then states that their mission is accomplished and multiple Garganta open up to take back the Arrancar present via Negacion. As they leave, Ulquiorra notices that within Ichigo's reiatsu there are traces of a new power that he has acquired, but is unsure as to what extent.[17]
    By threatening her friends' lives, he convinces Orihime to come peacefully, allowing her to say goodbye to one person beforehand. This makes it appear as if she betrayed her friends of her own free will.[18]

    Hueco Mundo arcEdit
    Upon arriving in Hueco Mundo, Ulquiorra brings Orihime to Las Noches for an audience with Aizen. He has her display her powers to all Espada assembled, by "regenerating" Grimmjow's arm much to the disbelief of Luppi who believed such a thing impossible. Aizen has Ulquiorra confirm this is the power that he spoke of upon his first excursion into the Human world. He then silently watches as Grimmjow has Orihime heals his Espada tattoo and summarily kill Luppi to fully regain his position in the Espada ranks.[19]
    Ulquiorra appears again during Aizen's meeting about Ichigo Kurosaki, Yasutora Sado, and Uryū Ishida entering Hueco Mundo to save Orihime Inoue.[20] Afterwards, Aizen warns the Espada to treat the intruders with caution as just four of them went into Soul Society and faced the Gotei 13. Zommari Rureaux notes that he is missing one as there are only three intruders currently. Ulquiorra mentions that they are missing Orihime. He then sits silently as the other Espada argue until Grimmjow interrupts them by attempting to walk out against Aizen's orders. He, alongside the other Espada, sits silently while Aizen subdues Grimmjow with his Spiritual Pressure to keep him in line.
    Shortly afterwards, Ulquiorra arrives in the room where Orihime is being kept in Las Noches and informs her that her friends have infiltrated Hueco Mundo. When she asks why, Ulquiorra explains that they have come to rescue her and that it is the only reason they need.[22] He then states that for her such a thing should have no more meaning, because, in both mind and body, she is their comrade. He explains that her wearing the same clothes as the Arrancar signify that concept. He then forces her to acknowledge that her clothes signify that her mind and body exist for Aizen's will.
    As Ulquiorra leaves Orihime, he acknowledges that, although she showed dismay for a second and didn't flinch at his questions, this is a girl of strong spirit. His thoughts are interrupted by Nnoitra Gilga, who asks how his handling of the girl is and explains how he knew all about how Aizen had entrusted her care to him. He then asks how far along he has gotten in "taming" her, but Ulquiorra ignores him and walks away, calling him degenerate scum. Undeterred, Nnoitra uses Sonido to move in front of him and asks Ulquiorra to not get so testy as he is only asking if everything is going well. Ulquiorra can't comprehend why Nnoitra really cares about something so trivial, but tells him not to worry as Orihime has been under Aizen's spell even before she arrived in Hueco Mundo. Nnoitra then questions if Aizen used Kyōka Suigetsu as usual, though Ulquiorra assures him that the situation was not that big of an issue to warrant its use. He further explains that the moment that she was invited there, multiple psychological cages were put in place; by putting her friends in danger, she was forced into a situation where she couldn't refuse and was forced to surrender. Following that, they gave her a 12-hour period to say goodbye to one of her friends. Nnoitra still doesn't get the significance of the psychological cage that was spoken about. Ulquiorra further explains that she is set to believe that they are not the enemy, and therefore she will follow them of her own free will. He also makes note that, by allowing her to say goodbye to a friend of her own choosing, it allowed her to leave evidence of her free will in the event so that she would be looked upon as a traitor. Finally understanding, Nnoitra states that the plan was well thought out and that he would expect nothing less of Aizen, though Ulquiorra corrects him, stating that such things to Aizen are nothing more than a game: if she is trapped then that is good, if she is not then that is okay as well, as either way she does not have the power to escape from Hueco Mundo or even the will to turn against them. Afterwards, Ulquiorra arrives as Aizen presents the Hōgyoku to Orihime


    Resurrecion Picture:
    initial release:
    segunda etapa:

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