RP Basic rules.

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    RP Basic rules.

    Post by ☠ Zeref ☠ on Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:55 pm

    RP Rules

    . Each member may only have 2 bios

    . Each bio may only have one speciality or devil fruit. For example, you could be a 2 sword style master simalar to zoro's 3 sword style, but then you couldn't have a devil fruit.

    . Each bio will have a Health/Energy level, such as 40 Health/Energy points. When they run out, they faint. Each attack costs a certain amount of points. For example, luffy's gum gum pistol would cost 3 points. This would do a certain level of damage to the opponents health which would be the same as there Health/Energy points.

    . Everyone will have a basic level of 50 health/energy points.

    . Cannon devil fruits can only be used by the cannon characters seen using them.

    . Haki will require testing which will be specified in the special rules, and only cannon characters see using it can use it.

    . All devil fruits must be submitted in the custom devil fruit thread.

    Battle rules

    . Before starting a battle you must agree on the terms of the battle for the following:

    Who - which bio your using
    Where - where the fights taking place
    What - What are the special rules for the fight such as weather and restrictions

    . You can use 2 attacks per move

    . Each attack must be blocked or avoided realistically to the manga, with another move. So if someone uses a sword move to cut you, you cant just use a gum gum pistol on the blade to block it because it will slice your hand open.

    . The last one standing wins. You lose when your Health/Energy level reaches 0.

    . No guns allowed unless its part of your devil fruit powers.

    . No arguing in the middle of a fight.

    . The most important rule is to have fun.

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